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Advocare - Had a severe allergic reaction

Company Advocare
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My son turned me on to this stuff and I was very excited about it as I have been looking to lose weight and feel good.I spent 200 on products and becoming a distributor, however was absolutly not planning on spending that much money, but hey, who can put a price on health.

I went and spent another $50 on food that I could eat. Well, my first day of a cleansing I felt very sick to my stomache. I tried to eat something but felt worse after I ate food. I wound up throwing up.

That my friends was just the beginning of my day from ***. Next thing I knew, I was not able to breath and my face felt hot. I had a friend take me to the ER however she had to call an ambulance to pick me up as my breathing was getting worse. When the ambulance finally arrived, my blood pressure and oxygen levels had dropped dangerously low.

They had to put an IV and pump me with medication to stabalize me before they could transport me to the hospital. Long story short, Advocare cost me an ambulance ride (I have not even recieved the bill for this yet), a $100 ER copay and another $50 for medications because now I have to carry an epi pen. Bottom line, I had a severe allergic reaction to something in the products. I have NEVER been allergic to anything my whole life, I did nothing different that day, and I have had allergy tests for the basic stuff, such as food, chemical etc all negative.

Call it what you want, say what you want, but something in their product almost cost me my life. I am only saying this as I feel it is VERY important to research a product before you rush out and buy it. My son is still excited about this product and the upline he works with are really nice people. I feel it is my duty to warn all folks to research and see your doctor before taking ANY product that is not regulated by the FDA.

I feel the distributors should take the responsibilty to encourage anyone talking the product to see a doctor before starting any diet program. I do not blame the people who see advocare, I blame the company for not encouraging their dealers to give warnings before talking products. This should be true for any and all companies, not just Advocare. My next step is to contact this company and hopefully get some sort of reimbursement for all this.

Please don't tell me that it "had to be something else." I read the article on the person who had a stroke, believe me, the only thing different I did that day was take this product. Please Please Please!!

take percautions before taking any supplement.Thank yu for your time 2ffe7d1

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Apr 07 
I have been on advocare now for for 13 days and I had to stop taking the herbal cleanse after 5 days because i was also having an allergic raction to the herbal cleanse. I am on day 13 and my third day with taking the MNS and I am having another allergic reaction, body itching, hot, red face and I have been taking my inhaler a lot the last two days an I thought it was just my asthma acting up but now I realize it is not. I will not be taking Advocare any more and will try to get my $170 back that I paid for the product and pray that I do not have to go to the hospital.
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Mar 29  from Dallas, Texas
I am having some sort of reaction that is making me feel just awful-- like PMS symptoms: Fluid retention, fuzzy brain, heaviness. Has anyone else felt like this using
Reply to Brenda

Mar 04 
I'm not trying to talk anyone into using AdvoCare, but to help you understand the reaction. I too had similar reactions to the Slam product with the red face, nausea and itching. It is my understanding that it is the Niacin in the product that causes these effect. Niacin is forcing the impurities out of the blood stream. It is a process, and as I too have experienced, can be alarming, but if you can tolerate the discomfort and follow the plan, it can be well worth the effort. It takes time to flush the toxins from ones body. As suggested on the bottle of Slam, using between meals, and perhaps taking a little at a time will help lesson the severity of the reaction. Keeping yourself hydrated by drinking at least eight glasses of water a day is imperative to the success of any diet.
By all means discontinue use of any product that your doctor warns you not to use because of your personal reaction. With that said, we all have our own personal experiences, and I find AdvoCare products to be safe and effected when used as directed. AdvoCare representatives are very supportive and informative with any questions and/or concerns their customers might have. Best of luck on your journey to a more healthy, happy live style. I wish you peace.
Reply to mrs m

Aug 26, 2013  from Buffalo, New York
I went through the ten day cleanse fine but on the third day of the msn3 I woke up with a red swollen face that eventually started itching. I too went to the ER for prednisone, zantac and benedryl and it went away. I have taken two of the vitamins out of my pack and haven't had any trouble since but also I used to be able to eat fish such as salmon and ink longer can since detoxifying my body. My body reacts different to fish now. Also keep in mind smoking and being around second hand smoke can cause u to have an allergic reaction.
Reply to Tamalama

May 22, 2013 
I completed the cleanse per the instructions and was on day 7 of the MNS MAX - E phase when I woke up with a severe case of hives and had to go to ER for a shot of steroids plus prednisone and antihistimine prescription. I'm 55 and in good health overall and never have been allergic to anything, but there is something in this product that is giving some people a serious rash / hives. Does anyone know what this might be? I'd like to ask the medical board if I could obtain contact info.
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Mar 05, 2013  from Canton, Georgia
So when I ate shellfish that I had eaten before for years I should have sued the restaurant for serving me shell fish? Honestly if you are unsure of allergy issues then you should be wary of any product. Or more than that, should my sister sue the maker of honey mustard since when blended she can't eat it since it makes her violently ill, or my mother for being allergic to bubble gum? Come on, don't drag a company down because you didn't know that you would have an allergic reaction!
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Sep 24, 2012 
Unfortunately allergic reactions can happen, even with aspirin.with any new medication, always use caution.
Reply to Mechelle Jordan RN

Sep 02, 2012 
I too, got sucked in by a spin coach. It was like I could not tell her "no" because of the friendship issue. I use 1/2 scoop w/ double+ amount of water. All I've done is GAIN WEIGHT!!! It's too scary. If you eat a balanced diet, you don't need to spend the money on this ***. It should ALL be FDA regulated. To "Almostdied": I feel for you. Good thing your friend knew to call 911.
Reply to Janie

Sep 02, 2012 
I too, got sucked in by a spin coach. It was like I could not tell her "no" because of the friendship issue. I use 1/2 scoop w/ double+ amount of water. All I've done is GAIN WEIGHT!!! It's too scary. If you eat a balanced diet, you don't need to spend the money on this ***. It should ALL be FDA regulated. To "Almostdied": I feel for you. Good think your friend knew to call 911.
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Aug 31, 2012 
I agree you should see your doctor before trying the products. If you want to complain about FDA aprrovel you should have them check GNC prodcuts since most are not FDA approve.
Reply to isaac

Aug 24, 2012 
I believe that when you are cleansing your body of toxins that has built up over a period of time, it can cause you to have a reaction; simply because your body is used to those toxins that cause you to feel slugish and gain weight. That is the purpose of the cleanse.. and If you are taking medication you can also have a reaction. So indeed they should of told you to consult with a physician the same as I was told, but when your son introduced you to it, maybe he left out that little detail because you were his mom and he felt that if it was good for him, it was good for you... THANK GOD YOU ARE ALIVE! Advocare has been a life changing product for me and my family ranging from ages 26-55 :)
Reply to Heather

Aug 21, 2012 
Hi! I had almost the same reaction to the cleanse. I did not have trouble breathing but was shaking really badly, high blood pressure and face on fire. Was with my mother visiting and she's a nurse. We called poison control and they said that those pills are mostly niacin with who knows what added because they don't have to show all ingredients because it's NOT FDA approved. We forced milk and bread and after a bad night I was ok the next day with some bowel issues due to the " cleans". Bad Stuff!!!!!!
Still trying to get my$200 back. No empathy from the company at all. After telling the lady that I could provide her with my poison control case number she practically laughed and ignored me.
Reply to Laura

Aug 20, 2012 
There is a warning on the Herbal Cleanse box that states the product contains something (can't remember right now) that some people may have allergic reactions to. You should read EVERYTHING before starting ANYTHING. This company will be in the clear because they post a warning on the box.
Reply to Kristina

Aug 06, 2012 
as with anything no one knows when they will react to an agent. Unfortunately it happened to you with one of advocares products. You could have easily developed a reaction to a meal at your favorite restaurant but they dont warn you before you eat. I stress this with the people that i talk to that reactions can happen to be aware of signs.
Reply to Joe

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