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Advocare? No bad ingredients?

Company Advocare
Product / Service Any Company Claiming Healthy And All Natural
Location Tacoma, Washington
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Someone on here said Advocare had only all natural, great ingredients.

I am not for or against, however, after reading labels I notice artificial flavors and sucralose.

Artificial ingredients mean chemically altered. Maybe just minutely, but still altered. Call the company, ask them what type of artificial ingredients they use and just what is in them.

Sucralose is sugar, or was once upon a time, until some chemist decided to molecularly change it and add the same chlorine they use in swimming pools to it. Please check every company's ingredients.

This is the only way to challenge the FDA. 2d1d902

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Dec 16, 2013 
Spark gave he headaches and elevated my BP greatly. facts.
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Jul 15, 2013  from Mountlake Terrace, Washington
Was with Advocare for 6 years, and after being tired of the nausea caused by the vitamins despite if i had food in my stomach or not, I had to stop! Vitamins are supposed to make you feel better, but worse! I didnt really see any real results on the products, but stayed with the company for a long time based on the $2.5k investment i made to get the better pricing. The company praises the ingredients and as a distributer, i took that as true (why would I think my new company would mislead me? lol), but looking at the ingredients with the blinders off, I dont know what I was thinking. I think Advocare is a good company, and for performance they do a great job, however nutritionally, they are lacking. the science behind artificial flavoring and Sucralose makes it cheeper to afford, and therefor the company makes more money rather than using quality products. I switched to Isagenix, all natural and mostly organic products with fast and healthy results and no compromise on quality. www.getfitin321.isagenix.com
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Jan 29, 2013  from Natchitoches, Louisiana
I don't sell Advocare. I state that from the get-go. I buy it from a pharmacy. The only Advocare product I use is the Spark (strawberry-mango only). I have drank one most every morning for 6 months. I was never a morning person before this. My job has me in front of a computer most of my workday which does not help me keep myself awake and alert. Advocare helps with the brain fog and to not fall asleep at my desk. :) I have not felt jittery, my sugar doesn't spike (I'm a diabetic), my thyroid and I have felt no ill effects (I have low thyroid), nor have I had heart issues. I'm not saying it is for everybody, but it works great for me. I don't take all the other Advocare products to lose weight. I found that a diet of food that is as close to its natural state as possible (no processed foods) is best and I lose belly fat with it. So, I don't need (or want) the other products. I am a very happy customer and not part of their MLM business side. :)
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Nov 18, 2012 
I just took it the sparks about 2 and a half hours ago and have a thyroid problem it made my thyroid hurt and feel funny and still is even after two hours. also i took it and for all you out there that smoke *** if you take one serving of this it gives you the feeling that you are high right after that i deiced i will never take this stuff because i don't trust wants in it and any parent that let your kids do any diet should be in jail fro child abuse. this is all true im a christen and i know they are faith base what i think they are really trying to just make money. the only good thing that is coming out of this is that im really focus but cant sleep . and now my chest is starting to hurt.
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Jul 13, 2013  from Altoona, Florida
I have a friend that is on AdvoCare products and she also has a thyroid issue. We are also both christians as well. I am assuming that whoever you got your SPARK from didn't ask if you had a sensitivity to caffeine? There is a caffeine free version of SPARK called V-16 and this is what my friend takes and has no issues... she did however try the SPARK first and had the same affect you did, but now she is on the V-16. And Advocare products are also backed by INFORMED CHOICE which is testing that they do in the UK for banned substances in non FDA regulated products, such as supplements and vitamins... hope that helps you.
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Mar 18  from Sullivan, Illinois
Feel your thyroid hurting....lol. Sorry but come on! Don't trust the stuff in it? Ok, don't trust vitamins and minerals. In fact, don't take any vitamins or minerals for a year and I will see you in the hospital. All foods have vitamins and minerals in them, so I guess you can't eat either....
Of course you can't sleep and really focused ....it's an energy drink that last 3-5 hours and if for mental focus....duh!
A christen? What's a christen? Oh, you mean Christian....
That HIGH feeling(not sure I ant to know how you know that) is your brain firing on all cylinders. If your chest is hurting....quit smoking!
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Nov 15, 2012  from Ft. Worth, Texas
wow is that how amway gets customers by trashing other seems kinda low for a company thats been around so long ne ways why do all yall bicker about how this did this and that well ill just say if you dont like it just dont take it and how many of you research the food you eat before you put it in your buggy at the store if you dont like advocare dont take it and if you do then thats great but to cry about how this and that didnt happen for you maybe you should focus less on the products and company and find out why did i spend hours on end researching about ingredients when my life isnt the way i want it to be maybe then you can find peace because this cry baby stuff is sad
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Sep 20, 2012 
anyone remember HERBALIFE? They were SUED -- big time -- and are out of business -- so the founder of HERBALIFE (which was another MLM) created Advocare (also a MLM) -- by the way -- his products killed him in 2001.

Might as well follow the Atkins diet (he's dead too) or better yet, go with the longest running MLM out there: AMWAY.
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Dec 22, 2012 
Herbalife was started in 1980 by Mark Hughes, AdvoCare was started in 1993 by Charles Ragus. Charles Ragus did work for Herbalife as a distributor but he was not the creator of both.

Also you claim that AdvoCare products killed Charles Ragus in 2001; while it is true he died in 2001 can you provide any evidence that AdvoCare products killed him?

If we can stick to our own experiences or facts then we stop spreading lies... please stop spreading lies.

Thank you.
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Dec 23, 2012  from Pensacola, Florida
The biggest lie being told is that Advocare "works"!!! After all of these years, after all of the "esteemed" doctors on the med/sci board, not one single scientific fact has ever been published proving that ANY of Advocare's claims are actually true. The BEST you Advocare parrots have is, "You have to try it! It worked for me!" but correlation does NOT equal causation. Changing you eating and activity habits for the better are the only things scientifically proven to work. Once you can prove any of Advocare claims, only then can you comment on spreading lies.
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Jan 19, 2013  from Southlake, Texas
You're correct. The entire campaign for Advocare distributors is simple: "Have a party, tell everyone (testimonials) that "it worked for me, it works for my friends, so let's get you started." I mean my skin crawls when i hear somebody like that. I was also fortunate enough to stumble onto a couple of distributors up in Celina at the balloon show. I let them tell how great everything was then i simply asked, " does Advocare make any of its own products??". They instantly replied "YES". So, its easy to see the desperation for money in these guys, and lack of sincerity. WHY? I"ve been making Advocare products for over 14 years. They make...not a one.

Jun 29, 2013  from Wellington, Florida
I have ran on the Advocare diet (without the supplements and products) before for two months, twice the time of the 24 day challenge Advocare promotes. I still felt fatigued, disoriented, and difficult to focus. I have looked into all of the ingredients and they work. Describing them all just takes too long. I see one new person find success on the 24 day challenge every day on Facebook. It works. Just because you're skeptical about it doesn't mean the products do not work.

Mar 08, 2013  from Scarsdale, New York
advocare kills! I am sick of idiots who think they can survive off of chemically induced powders that are full of sugar (all for the sake of looking thinner)Health = beauty..get it!! Hello people wake up! And to all the "sellers" of this *** product...i hope you are not *** enough to take it yourself!
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Jan 19, 2013  from Southlake, Texas
The Herbalife connection is there but the facts are incorrect. Ragus, who founded Advocare, did come from Herbalife, but Mark Hughes never had anything to do with Advocare. Unfortunately for Mark, it was his products but the incredible diet of cocaine that killed him. That's the truth.
Amway may be the best, but Advocare is far from credible. They will get their products made by anyone who has the right price.
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Jan 19, 2013 
Ajones, Please go over to the Face Book page Advocare:the truth.
There are a number of people who would love to pick your brain!
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Feb 26, 2013  from Rochester, Minnesota
Herbalife has been (and still is) in business for over 33 years. Herbalife is not Advocare. Where did you hear this misinformation?
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Apr 23, 2013  from Gulfport, Mississippi
Herbalife is out of business? Wow, I better take down my website and close my club! LOL, Herbalife is stronger than ever and I'm building a legitimate business with them.
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Jul 28, 2013 
I have no axe to grind against Advocare, but your statement about Herbalife(not involved there in any way either) is flat wrong. Herbalife is a $1 billion dollar 33 yr old company that is nowhere close to out of business. Your credibility based on this hurts all your other points- get your facts straight.
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Oct 03, 2013 
Herbalife is NOT out of business, and the founder of Herbalife was not killed by his products! Also, the lawsuit was thrown out of court by the FDA and the NIH!
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