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Advocare hidden no return policy

  • by   Mar 15, 2011
  • Review #: 226809
Company Advocare
Product / Service 24 Day Challenge
Location Miami, Florida
Category Fitness Centers
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I just bought over $450 of product from Advocare, and when disappointed with it, was just told that there is no return. This must by how they make their money -- once you buy a product, they will never give you your money back.
My distributor was supposed to tell me this. My bad for not checking out all the details first. I assumed that the product could be returned, because most things are returnable.
The product is the 24 day challenge. The herbal cleanse is gross -- completely grainy, and made me want to gag.
The customer service rep was also misleading. She kept saying I could return the products, but then she said that really it was an exchange. It just reinforces all the negative stereotypes about multi-level marketing.


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Jan 21  from Palisade, Nebraska
I started the 24 day challenge because I wanted to lose 20 pounds. I was skeptical and when I got the product with booklet it was just telling me to eat right. No sweets, bad carbs ect....well Dah I can make a pill and tell you to eat right and exercise and you will lose weight too. Anyway I followed the directions and at day 16 not a pound lost. Never drank energy drinks before getting on this and on day 16 checked my bp at it was 149/113 holy ***!!! Bp never so high. I already had ate pretty good and exercised regular and just wanted to lose some extra pounds this stuff is dangerous. I quit took bp next day and back down to normal. Also reps make their real money by getting you as a distributor. They use passive aggressive tactics to get you on board....amway on steroids. It did give me tons of energy but my heart was getting ready to explode. Also be warned of amino acid sups FDA came down on one major company that added an ingredient that made people's liver fail. Just eat right and exercise I learned my lesson....this stuff is pure ***.
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Jan 01 
yeah, well I didn't lose weight on it and then my feet swelled and that bought me an ER visit. I was actually told by my distributor that there was an 100% money back guarantee, however I haven't gotten a reply from her yet. I'm certainty hoping that she'll work this out for me because $200 is a big deal for me.
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Feb 02 
There is a money back guarentee. Call customer service tell them your doctor has told you to discontinue advocare and you are set. I had to do that and they were good with me.
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Sep 09, 2013 
Maybe Advocare does work for some people. All I know is I've followed this diet to a T, on day 16 of the challenge and I feel like ***. And I felt this way the entire time. Yes im eating enough, yes I'm drinking enough water and yes I'm following the instructions. I'm shaky, lethargic, nauseous, constipated, HUNGRY, weak, I get cold sweats, I can't work out because I don't have the energy and getting up makes me dizzy. I didn't want to quit because of the amount of money I've wasted but I'm about done. Now I've found out a friend had the same symptoms during the cleanse and she quit then. As far as weight loss- 6 lbs durning the cleanse and I've gained 4 back since then. Such bs. It DOESN'T work for everyone. Nothing does. I just hate that I thought it was a scam to begin with.
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Jan 01 
Oh I get EXACTLY what you're saying. You're right. Nothing works for everyone. You're a grown up so I'm quite sure you were able to read the directions and follow them. I did the same thing. Followed it to a T. Lost six then gained two back. Then my feet and hands began swelling and my face got puffy. I got short of breath also. I ended up in the Er and was told that something in the product didn't agree with my system because I have no underlying health problems. I've sent them an email and plan to call after the New Year to try and get a refund. I really hope this company everyone is raving about has integrity so that I'll get my money back. I'll give them the benefit of doubt until they decline my request.
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Mar 19 
I have had a terrible experience with it as well, the same sort of symptoms...I thought I was going to go crazy. I am still trying to get a refund because I bought extra stuff anticipating great results so my bill was nearly $300
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Aug 11, 2013  from Nashville, Tennessee
You evidently didn't have a sponsor that was willing to follow through the challenge with you. We sponsors with AdvoCare stick by you throughout your journey but sometimes there are people that don't care and just want to make a buck. The products DO work and there are tons of people out there that have had a huge success with AdvoCare.
Reply to Gemini 80

Aug 12, 2013 
Advocare reps are trained in making a sale and how to recruit people. None of them are qualified to make health/wellness/diet recommendations or give such advice.

Common sense tells you that you shouldn't ask your plumber to perform your heart surgery. Never take advice from an Advocare rep.

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Mar 08, 2013  from Corpus Christi, Texas
I paid 195.00 for bs that doesn't even work. It jus made me gain weight. I did everything it said to do and nothing. Ya'll are jus a bunch of rip-offs that want money. :(
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Apr 30, 2013  from Dayton, Ohio
That's funny bc I paid 195, actually followed the directions, didn't do an ounce of exercise, and had very good results. So much so that my wife and I decided to pursue it as a business BECAUSE the products worked. So tell me, how could you have been taking products that increase your energy, metabolism, nutrition, and appetite-control, yet you actually gained weight? If someone tells us they followed the directions but it didn't work for them, we always trace it back to the fact that they didn't take the products according to the instructions. Even when people screw up their diet, they still end up losing weight (though not as much as they could have), the key is to take the products, when they are suppose to take them, in the proper quantity. Good luck with your weight loss!
Reply to Matt Brun

Sep 23, 2012 
AdvoCare has a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. I am an Independent Distributor for AdvoCare.

All products are put together by a 9 Medical Doctor panel to include the doctor who founded the interveinous feeding solution for patients who can't eat on their own.

The Fiber Drink should be mixed with Mandarine Orange Spark to give it a "pulpy orange juice" taste....we dont recommend anyone drink the Fiber Drink straight up as it doesn't have the best taste, but it does work great! Most of our customers are losing 3-8 pounds on just the Herbal Cleanse (with Fiber Drink) alone!
Reply to Tom Nagley

Aug 08, 2012 
Advocare does work if taken as directed but that's it! I was told that there's a form to print, fill out, and be notarized in order to get a refund but I cannot find the form on the website! My distributor ended up changing their phone number once I received it and I felt completely lost after the cleanse. They said I was allowed to return it for a full refund of whatever bottles I have left. I just can't find the form.
Reply to Tee2gurl89

Jul 09, 2012 
I so wanna know more about this advacare stuff from more people. Os ot fact or fiction. Will i waste my time at this going texas meeting coming up. Chljosh@ yahoo.com
Reply to corey from slidell

Apr 14, 2012 
People's comments about "beware of multi-level marketing" crack me up. EVERYTHING you purchase in life is esssentially multi-level. If you go to Wal-mart, the cashier makes the least, the manager a bit more, the store owner a bit more, the CEO the most etc...for every store you patronize!!! So, why not purchase products from someone you know who is trying to make a living or pay off debt or whatever their situation. Direct Sales is a different business. Most people don't understand it, but the ones who do are very successful at it.
Reply to Michelle

Apr 09, 2012 
Advocare works when used,as directed. My daughter has lost 34 pounds so far and she not only
looks great, she feels great!
Reply to Kathy

Nov 19, 2011 
Advocare, because the product is marked up at least 5 times, doesn't use the best ingredients in their products. Of course, they have to say thier products are the best out there because the real difficulty lies in costing the product out. Because of the commission structure and the number of people who will get a cut out of the sale of every product (UPLINE) the costs are kept low. It's just a fact of life for MLM orgs. Now do you think that more sacrifices are made in their products or more benefits added to be able to compete with somebody like Herbalife, Vitamin Shoppe, Nutrilite, etc etc.
Give the whole MLM thing a rest. It's basically the same as a gerbal track wheel.
Reply to High mark up

Nov 11, 2011 
been involved with AdvoCare for many years, Best products, best work program, and Best Return policy out there. Yes it is for the unopened boxes, and yes they dont refund shipping fees [Walmarts has never refunded my gas that I used when I returned a product]. Clearly the distibutor was new and didnt know everything they should have.As independant distributors we buy back whats left in an opened box. Only have had to do it one time. Products do work everytime if you work the program. AdvoCare cant give somebody the "want to" to change the track thier life is on.
Reply to Greg Payne

Sep 23, 2011 
These are the best products on the market. MLM works because you are able to cut out the middle man. The products are more expensive than some others you can buy in the box stores, at full retail. How are the cheap ones working for you? If you can get really great products for such a cheap price, why are you looking to change? Because they don't work, that's why. The money back guarantee works as well. If you have any issues, please call customer service and they will be happy to help you.
Reply to Al Shu

Aug 26, 2011 
Well our company opened and partially used or not full refund! In 2 years never had to buy or sell products. Advo's products do not pass the Anti-doping standards for athletes either who compete on an Olympic level! Have to know where the substantial products are and not break ones wallet! Also auto-ship programs suck!
Reply to Karen J

Jun 10, 2011 
Their products are 100% Gauranteed, minus the cost of shipping to return the crappy products. AND, they won't refund you for ALL of your unused product. So I'd say that's not 100% money back.

Just call their customer service.. when they put you on hold there is a nice little advertisement about how wonderful it is to work for Advocare and enjoy their benefits, such as their own private island. Any company that offers things like this should be a HUGE red flag.

I agree, money can be made from this company, and their products may work great for some people. I don't agree with the statement that "as long as you follow the instructions, it works every time". No product is like that for anyone. Period. Anyway, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night knowing what kind of company it was that I was involved with.

And the great thing is people sign up, they immediately start recruiting friends and family. When things start going sour it puts a major wedge between you.
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