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Company Advocare
Product / Service 24 Day Challenge
Location Marion, Ohio
Category Health and Beauty
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I recently did the Advocare 24 day challenge, I would say, it worked great, so great, I ended up hospitalized.I followed the directions to the letter, and I lost 50 pounds in 17 days !!

That's right, I lost nearly 3 pounds per day on average. Since I started taking the product, I have become ill EVERYTIME I try to eat. I have vommitted boiled chicken, chicken broth, water, spark, you name it, I barfed it. Most illness and weightloss occurred between day 8 and 17.

I went to the hospital I was malnurished and severly dehydrated. I had to be given fluids and spent a week and a half after on a liquid diet. I am eating real food for the first time today, I have been off the product for 9 days, and after eating, my stomach still hurt a little; but I have not regurgitated today.

Maybe this product works for some, but for me, it caused my system to go completely out of whack!Good luck if you are taking this product, I hope you get good results and don't end up hospitalized as I did. 2e63706

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Feb 15 
It does say on the boxes of ALL advoare products to CONSULT WITH YOUR PHYSICIAN if you have any previous medical conditions. Common sense would be for ANYONE to consult with their MD before taking ANY Advocare products.
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Dec 16, 2013 
I haven't read every entire comment BUT....does anyone find it odd that someone lost "50 lbs" in 17 days?! That is a lot...that's impossible unless you starve yourself. Even then really?? Just food for thought... :roll
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Nov 26, 2013 
Obviously you didn't follow the directions bc your supposed to never skip a meal & drink lots of fluids on the challenge. If you did that you wouldn't not have been dehydrated or malnurished. Sounds like you were starving yourself & not eating or drinking.
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Nov 02, 2013 
Like any other diet, always consult your physician. With Advocare you will be taking many pills after the cleanse phase, and this diet may not be for people that have to prepare their meals and especially drink 6 to 8 glasses of water.
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Oct 29, 2013 
How can you be dehydrated if you are drinking the recommended water intake? Sounds like spam to me.
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Oct 31, 2013 
Anyone who is vomiting over an extended period of time would become dehydrated.
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Oct 15, 2013 
I started this plan about a week ago. I have Lupus so I am not and will not do anything without the advice of my doctor. The problem is Advocare reps are doctors and most of them are clueless as to what someone with health issues is OK to do or not. Dont rely on these people, contact your doctor first before ever taking anything
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Feb 15 
Advocare reps are NOT doctors but rather doctors monitor the products ingredients.
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Sep 23, 2013  from Minco, Oklahoma
If you have an allergy to senna, this could be the culprit. People, even if the program was followed to the T, if there was an allergy that caused vomiting and diarrhea, there will be dehydration, period. However, where was your AdvoCare rep? They should have been checking in on you. With your problems, you should have been instructed to stop and seek medical advice. This sounds like a rep should have been in closer contact with you and you should have discontinued use when you suspected the products. As with ANY herbal and vitamin/mineral product there is a likelihood of allergic reaction. It is actually recommended that you seek the advice of your physician if you have any medical conditions or sensitivities, or if you are taking medications. You should have contacted your rep or the company as soon as you suspected the products for your issues, AND, as stated earlier, you should have stopped taking the products. The company actually has a scientific and medical advisory board of trained professionals that are tops in their fields of study (Doctors and etc.-highly educated) as well as a sports advisory board (fitness professionals-highly educated). The developer of the products is actually the inventor of IV nutrition. Above all people in the nutritional field, the man knows nutrition. This man has been saving lives via intravenous feedings for decades. Yep, I think I will continue to trust educated medical professionals to develop the supplements that I take,... Show more
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Sep 23, 2013 
Also, if you did not drink enough water with the fiber drink, it may cause you to become constipated and/or impacted, which will make you vomit and get sick every time you eat, no matter what you eat. You ABSOLUTELY CANNOT continue ANY program for 17 days vomiting and being sick. Common sense has to kick in at some point.
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Sep 24, 2013 
Who cares where the Advocare rep was?!?! Are they even qualified to recommend diet changes? Are they a doctor? Are they a dietitian? A nutritionist? NEVER take health advice from unqualified people! Advocare reps are unqualified!!!

No one on the sci med board is a certified nutritionist. Would you want a urologist to fill a cavity? Would you allow a pharmacist to remove your tonsils?

Go take a look at Advocare's website. It says, "All product formulas are developed by the AdvoCare Research & Development Department based on sound science and the most current research..." The sci med board does NOT develop their products. Even if they did, why would want them to???

Comments like yours are clear examples of why no one should be trusting anything an Advo-rep says and should never put Advo anything into their bodies!!!
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Nov 30, 2013  from Cypress, Texas
Obviously you work for this direct marketing company. You should be ashamed of yourself shilling tacky products that made this person ill.
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Aug 29, 2013  from Cupertino, California
I think this user is full of ***!
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Aug 29, 2013  from Charleston, West Virginia
At the end of the day,everyone will have a different outcome. You made the choice to try the product. I have Crohn's disease. It has helped me with a lot of other issues that I have not been unable to find relief for.Not to mention,I lost 23lbs. Starting on my next 20! :) I've had no issues caused by Advocare and as with anything you have to follow the instructions closely. Sorry you fell ill. Maybe it was just not for you.
Reply to yeshadid

Aug 29, 2013 
Btw your illness obviously wasn't caused by the product or the "senna" because Day 8 you are no longer on the cleanse pills. For the next 3 days you put pretty much nothing but probiotics into your body (which is good bacteria). Then during the MNS portion you are putting nutrients and vitamins into your body. Sorry to tell you but your sickness wasn't caused by AdvoCare.
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Aug 29, 2013 
And... you received your doctor of medicine degree from, where?

Sorry to tell you, but you're not qualified to form an opinion about someones health, OR Advocare!
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Aug 29, 2013 
You're supposed to drink tons of water with the 24 day challenge first of all. Second of all if you were eating anything but boiled chicken you wouldn't have felt sick, because boiled chicken by itself is nasty. I'm sorry but I call BS. Follow the directions next time.
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Aug 17, 2013  from Orlando, Florida
I certainly do not understand how this person was dehydrated. This 24 day challenge calls for lots of water so if this person was really going by every word to the T there would be no way they would have dehydrated. And everyone that has even done just the cleanse phase how good you start to feel almost immediately. It is all good stuff for your body. And 17 days on it and it really took that long before you realized you were sick because of it???
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