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I started the cleanse and developed cramps and loose stools on day four. I had to stop. I also have irritable bowel and I think this has triggered it! I then got my stomach under control and started the MNS 3. I tools that for three days with the same results. I have never been able to take vitamins! I love the Spark and the shake but just cannot handle the pills! I would appreciate any... Read more

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  • Jan 31
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Love sparks and advocare products Add comment

My Son who was a Healthy Roofer and in great shape started the program on Jan 16th ( he posted photos on his Facebook page to show what he looked like the day he started)and told his brother it mad his body tingle and feel weird. The 17th he took it in the morning and complained of chest pains. On Jan 18th 2016 He collapsed and died of a Heart Attack! Advocare has A LOT to answer to. Were having... Read more

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I have reached menopause, and I started to show my pot belly which bothered me terribly. I began Advocare 24 day challenge. for the First 10 days swallowed that fiber and all the other products they gave me. I exercised. I ate low carb, healthy food. Didn't work I tried the Phase 2 and still didn't lose a pound. I am 151 from start to finish. Will continue to excercise and eat healthy, will... Read more

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I would have to agree. Was very disappointed when I picked up the new spark canister last week from my distributer. My eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw that small little bottle wth the same $52 price tag attached to it. It is obvious that this only benefit is Avocare cutting down on ingredients, quantity, and packaging. Ive been taking the small scope before my workouts and can say... Read more

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My card was charged for purchases I did not make. They found the charges and declared that they identified them as suspicious at the time the order was placed and so did not ship the products but they kept my money anyway. I had to call them and then argue with them to reverse the charges. They refused to tell me who placed the charge with my card. I don't know if they are deliberately... Read more

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  • Jan 19
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Used several products and never any problems. Love it Add comment

I started AdvoCare Jan 1 went thru the cleanse part.Wasnt getting the energy people were talking about.Than I started the second phase was three days into it than wam I was allgeric to something in the vitamins.My Doctor told me to top immediately. Have been layedup for 4 days now.My face is a mess,swollen eyes hives on my body. I have been on bendrihl for 4 days off to the Doctor on Monday... Read more

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Starte this because it worked for my fiancé. Regretted it almost instantly. Spark made me feel foggy and sick to my stomach. Also got a bad headache from the fake sugar in half of their products. 4 days in and I'm having some serious stomach cramps. After reading others horror stories About the max phase, I will not be continuing and putting my health in even greater risk. Read more

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Anybody sticking up for them, works for them but wont admit because its a fraud! Any company knowingly ingtak stolen CC's is illegal & they are known for this. My CC company contacted me saying, "we believe this to be a fraulent charge", It is, how did you know? He said "we get fraud charges from ADVOCARE CONSTANTLY!" This is ONE CC company of thousands! It's a *** company that take credit cards... Read more

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