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I became a distributor and when I received my package I had tried the samples that were given to me. Not knowing that I was allergic to the shot, my face and lips became swollen. Since my body could not take benadryl due to previous allergies, I had to take some due to that I almost had to go to the emergency room. I knew it was an allergy since I had a similar incident in 1997. I then started to check the contents of the sample and noticed that... Read more

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I have read through these reviews and most of them i cannot relate to AT ALL! I know these reviews are personal experience and go case by case. So when reading these reviews take that into consideration. I have done 3, going on 4, challenges and i have never been hospitalized, or sick, or injured by these products. The reason AdvoCare makes you sign up with a coach is so you get the right products for you, in case of medical issues such as... Read more

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Called customer service because about halfway thru the use of my product it began clumping. I've got 1/3 of product left and it clumped up on me after being open only a few months. I purchased the product in Mid-February, put it into use around March and it began clumping up over in May, I just now got around to calling about it on July 11 because it's getting hard to scoop even a little bit. I noticed the product was in a smaller container... Read more

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I have wrote to Advocare many emails about my order and no response from them.

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  • Jun 24
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Be aware that the diuretic in this product can cause severe drop in potassium! This happened to me. I felt amazing and lost tons of weight.. Then I was in ER.. Husband brought in my 24 day kit and doctors told me it was too much for my body to handle. A lot of ppl I know have had great success with this just an FYI

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Warning: The 24 Day Challenge-- you do not need that many supplements... ever!!! There is an overwhelming amount of supplements during the 24 Day Challenge that you are required to take per day. I went into the challenge blinded, not reading reviews besides the photos I saw on Facebook. During the second week, I started feeling pain in my back. It got severe within two days, and kept me up at night. I drank plenty of water in a good portion,... Read more

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  • Jun 21
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I have been using advocare products for over 3 yrs. No side effects. Healthiest I've been in a long time. My doctor told me it was okay to take the products I had been taking. When I add a product, weather a vitamin or just to supplement,I'll check with my doctor and get her okay. Satisfied customer, Mike R

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Starting advocare with high hopes. ..i immediately began to feel ill. I sucked it up thinking its part of the challenge it will go away ect. 12 days in i stay so nauseous, bloated, dizzy, and so much more. Any product that makes you feel this bad is not worth it one but in my opinion.

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I was turned on to Advocate products after watching my mother and step father drop pounds and keep it off. I'm currently going into day 15 of the 24 Day Challenge and couldn't be more satisfied with the products. I am down 15 pounds and absolutely LOVE the meal replacement shake in the morning and two Sparks a day have replaced my need for any coffee or energy drinks. I've read many bad reviews online so I don't want to take credibility from... Read more

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If you meet Matt Palmer and he seems like a nice guy, and you think he wants a date, guess again! He is trying to sell Advo care to cute girls! I contacted the company about his unethical behavior and they told me there is nothing they can do because he is not actually an employee. He made me think he was into me and refused to talk about himself at all. All he wanted to talk about was getting on his "team" and paying money for this weight loss... Read more

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