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I have read several of these complaints, and it really boils down to one thing....Informed Consumers. If you are purchasing ANY product, it doesn't matter what it is, shouldn't you do a little research on it first? ESPECIALLY if it's something you are going to put into your body! I know AdvoCare. I am, and have been, a customer/distributor for AdvoCare, for several years. And like ANY consumer product, they appeal to some, and not so much to... Read more

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A complete Ponzi scheme feeding on lower intellect people and people trying to loose weight.

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I too developed kidney stones while using advocare products. I am actually sad I can no longer take the products I feel were the only thing helping me lose weight. I will not put the full blame on the products because I believe I may had not been drinking enough water. My stone was a calcium stone that is usually caused by dehydration. I am 29 years old and had never had kidney stones before until I started using Advocare. I think it just solely... Read more

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  • Aug 01
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I have celiac disease and the old box of rehydrate states noting about being processed In a facility with wheat and I just bought some the other day and it states that they do process in a facility with wheat. I will just stick to my thrive product. At least they don't change stuff all of a sudden.

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I became a distributor and when I received my package I had tried the samples that were given to me. Not knowing that I was allergic to the shot, my face and lips became swollen. Since my body could not take benadryl due to previous allergies, I had to take some due to that I almost had to go to the emergency room. I knew it was an allergy since I had a similar incident in 1997. I then started to check the contents of the sample and noticed that... Read more

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I have read through these reviews and most of them i cannot relate to AT ALL! I know these reviews are personal experience and go case by case. So when reading these reviews take that into consideration. I have done 3, going on 4, challenges and i have never been hospitalized, or sick, or injured by these products. The reason AdvoCare makes you sign up with a coach is so you get the right products for you, in case of medical issues such as... Read more

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Called customer service because about halfway thru the use of my product it began clumping. I've got 1/3 of product left and it clumped up on me after being open only a few months. I purchased the product in Mid-February, put it into use around March and it began clumping up over in May, I just now got around to calling about it on July 11 because it's getting hard to scoop even a little bit. I noticed the product was in a smaller container... Read more

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I have wrote to Advocare many emails about my order and no response from them. Read more

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  • Jun 24
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Be aware that the diuretic in this product can cause severe drop in potassium! This happened to me. I felt amazing and lost tons of weight.. Then I was in ER.. Husband brought in my 24 day kit and doctors told me it was too much for my body to handle. A lot of ppl I know have had great success with this just an FYI

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Warning: The 24 Day Challenge-- you do not need that many supplements... ever!!! There is an overwhelming amount of supplements during the 24 Day Challenge that you are required to take per day. I went into the challenge blinded, not reading reviews besides the photos I saw on Facebook. During the second week, I started feeling pain in my back. It got severe within two days, and kept me up at night. I drank plenty of water in a good portion,... Read more

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