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I was unable to finish the cleanse because I became severely constipated. One of my co-workers had the same problem. Several of my co-workers purchased AdvoCare. I know that this is the completely opposite effect that the cleanse is supposed to have. Then my doctor noticed that my liver enzymes were high on my blood work. He was very concerned, since my blood work is always good. I requested a refund and was going to return the unused, unopened products. I was denied because "no one has ever had this problem." I wouldn't lie. I really... Read more

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  • Advocare
  • Apr 29
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Advocare is a scam it made me so sick to my stomach don't waste your money. You don't need supplements to be healthy. Add comment

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  • Apr 18
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All I can say is the products are Awesome!!!! Add comment

I started the 24 Day challenge and by the third day I lost my job due to a layoff! Advocare causes unemployment! This is an outrage and i will be filing a lawsuit to Advocare for my job back and lost wages! I can't believe a product like this is allowed to be distributed to consumers who purchase it and read the medical advisements and then come on here and complain for making a free will choice! I lost my job and I am going to blame Advocare. Oh, and my retinas feel like they are becoming detached and my dog died too! Read more

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completed challenge to a T. i lost a total of 32 pounds and had a great experience . last time i checked a gym membership is 3 to 400 a year not 130$.very easy to follow. everyones body is different in how it responds. but i really do believe that if you truly dedicate yourself it will work unless you already weigh nothing. the part that worked for me is the smaller meals and snacks in between. that helps retrain your metabolism. if you already eat that way than there isnt no shock factor to your body. if anyone has ever completed p90x than... Read more

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I wanted to loose 5 pounds to fit into a dress for a special occasion. I bought this and followed the 24 day challenge to the letter and continued exercising 6 days a week.. This program is a joke. I didn't loose any weight, or inches. It bloat me to the point that I look 3 months pregnant. In the end, I am out $260.00 (which is a 2 year gym membership) and I can't wear the dress I wanted. They have a guarantee, but only on unopened products. This was a huge disappointment. Read more

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I used the advocare 24 day challenge and worked with a trainer 2 days a week. I was losing 3 pounds a week for the entire challenge. When I completed the challenge and continued working with the trainer I was losing 2 pounds per week. Advocare gave me the discipline I needed to maintain healthy eating habits. I started working out without the trainer, use whey and soy protein, add more fiber and take many vitamins and I am losing 1 pound a week. I take medications that cause weight gain, so I am losing fewer pounds per month with the meds. I... Read more

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I was signed on as a distributor by a person in my office who had access to my credit card and S S number. Thousands of dollars later I finally figured it help from Advocare...or the credit card company...beware. Any distributor who gets access to your information can add you to the list of sales people and scam you and your friends. There are any number of ways to drain your credit card. I have filed criminal charges against this person for two felonies. But it will drain your money and your time. They are a fraud. Read more

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I started and finished the 24 day cleanse. Went to the doctor one week after finishing the cleanse and had blood work taken. My liver enzymes had quadrupled. My doctor advised me to NEVER do it again. It was actually causing distress and could potentially damage my liver. Won't ever do it again and would advise it to anyone. You shouldn't have to take all those pills/ supplements to be healthy. Read more

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I am a 60 year old menopausal woman. I have been using the products for months and have lost 25 pounds. I think the products are fantastic. Not everyone is alike so I hate seeing people down something just because it did not work for them. Advocare is healthy and I have not felt this good in years. People should consult their physicians before starting new supplements. People with fish allergies should not take it either. Do your homework and see if its right for you before you down something. I LOVE ADVOCARE Read more

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